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Aluminum Windows

Architectural Design

Architectural Glazing.

Aluminum windows, are not normally asscotiated with design and aesthetics, but our range of windows are the exception to the rule. Sleek, beautiful, structural and built to last we can help tranform you home in to something that resonates qulity. 

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Leading Performance.

Our aluminum windows have impressive thermal efficiency with U-values of 1.4 with double glazing and 1.2 with triple glazing to achieve Window Energy Rating of A+. The innovative design also benefits from excellent sound insulation and has security that is second to none too.

Colour Options.

With an endless choice of colours available, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether your preference is a basic Ral colour or a more daring bespoke colour, our team of experts will guide you to the right decision. We can even copy your favourite paint manufacturers colours too, all that we would need, is the make, name and finish that you require.

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Make a Statement

Aluminum is versitile product, due to its natural strength it can incorporate large expantions of glass which gives it the wow factor, but equally can be made to look traditional, which is sysnominous with the Art Deco era. 

Aluminum was made popular in the 60's, due to its robustness and strenght but it was equally known for being cold and causing condensation too. So over the past 50 years or so, aluminum windows have gone through a bit of a transformation. Now incorporating a polyamide thermal break to eradicate cold spots and condensation issues. Asthectically, it can be moulded into all shapes and sizes and with its strenghts, it can also make the windows look like seemless glass.

Window Options.

Whether you prefer something classic such as the storm casement window or the more popular flush aluminum casement, we can cater for all your needs and to add in the wow factor, we have an array of architectual hardware to choose from. Our profiles have different shape options to choose from, like square, pencil and bevelled edges. each one gives the window it's own unique look.

Our aluminum windows carry all the necessary acreditaition too, from security. weatherability and sound proofing, we have it all covered by making your home safe, sound, secure and watertight. 


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