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Best use of the little space.

 A lean to conservatory is perhaps the most versatile of all of the conservatory designs.It can be used where the height of the conservatory roof at the house wall is restricted, such as on a bungalow, or where a bedroom window is directly above the centre of the conservatory.

Lean to conservatories are also the ideal solution where the depth of the conservatory is restricted, but you want to achieve as much space as possible by increasing the width.

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When you book an appointment with The Nottingham Window Company you will get a completely free consultation to talk about your windows or window project.

We will visit you at a time of your convenience and help you to make the right choice or your home. We will also work with you on the design of your windows and take you through every step from conception to installation.

Even for the smallest of spaces.

If you have roof restrictions or you are just simply on a budget, Then the Lean – To Conservatory is a great solution for you. You will benefit from beautiful aesthetics superb quality and with an affordable price tag to match, its a win, win situation.

The Nottingham Window Company’s Lean – To Conservatories are an affordable way to extend your home with-out breaking the bank.


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