The Craftsman is a door that speaks of precision engineering, quality construction and stunning good looks. With 22 door styles to choose from and with 21 beautiful lifestyle colours available, Craftsman is a truly outstanding door.

Simply a better class of door

A class leader in strength, security and authentic craftsmanship


We are proud to state that the Craftsman door is second to none and the care and skill put into our doors shines through whilst the innovation and engineering will bear out over its lifetime. Named after the beautiful woodlands of Britain, the Craftsman door is a tangible investment in your home.

• Precision engineered to last
A combination of a Kerto Q core, Sapele mahogany lipping and Tricoya facings provide a stable,
hard-wearing, water resistant door

• Two door slab choices – 44mm and 54mm
Whatever your requirement or application, we offer both 44mm and 54mm door thicknesses with double and triple rebates

• Thermal core option
For the best in energy efficiency opt for a thermal door with a Polyurethane insulating foam core

• 21 stunning colours
From fiery reds to cool blues and all the shades in between, our colour range is first class

• A complete hardware choice
Three individual ranges to choose from that include: handles, knockers, letterboxes and centre door pulls

• Beautiful glazing options
Over 28 elegant glazing styles are available for many of the Craftsman door styles

• Low-E glass panels
Wherever possible we supply an energy efficient glass specification as standard – see page 58-59

• Safe and secure
The unique construction of a Craftsman door provides an incredibly strong defence for your home

• Frame, sill and threshold options
A wide range of options to complete your door specification including Part M low threshold

• Document L Compliance
Meets UK Building Regulations for replacement door applications

Why an engineered timber door and not a standard timber door?

As beautiful as a traditional timber door can be, wood in its purest form, is not the best material for this application. We have “designed out” all of the inherant problems usually experienced, and the Craftsman is an all round better, more reliable door for your home.

• No yearly maintenance

• No warping and twisting

• No draughts caused by shrinkage

• No rotting and deterioration

• No weather penetration

• No unstable timbers

• No flaking and crazing of paint finish

• No sticking and catching

Traditional styles

Your front door is the first impression that a visitor has of your home. Whether you want to give the appearance of urban sophistication or something altogether grander, the Craftsman Traditional range has the ideal design.

Our traditional panels and mouldings have an elegant timeless quality that provides your home with a look of tasteful discernment.

 Choose one of the stronger hues from our colour palette such as Wax Seal or Whitby Jet for a classic look or choose a natural shade such as Vellum or French Sage for a more contemporary edge.

Whatever you decide, Craftsman provide the choice and range to make the right impression.

The Sherwood

The Parkhurst

The Arden

The Marston

The Shackleford

The Highgate

The Ashdown

The Charnwood

The Newstead

The Epping

The Dean

The Galloway

Contemporary styles

The modern clean look of the Craftsman grooved designs is key to the Contemporary range. Using routed grooves to give the impression of tongue and groove boards, gives a designer look without any of the known downsides. There are no issues with twisting planks due to extremes of weather or moisture and no peeling or crazing of paint when boards swell or contract. Our growing selection of modern designs have become very popular in recent years. The Foxley, for

example, with its characteristic long narrow glazed panel is the epitome of modernity when teamed with our stylish brushed stainless steel hardware suite. The versatile looks of The Rufford, The Albury and The Whittingham when dressed in Black Premium Heritage Hardware, afford a cosy, country charm or alternatively with Polished Chrome hardware look perfectly at home in the city.

The Foxley

The Albury

The Whittingham

The Glengarry

The Rufford

The Mercia

The Rockingham

The Hampton

The Dalby

More than just a splash of colour

With primer, basecoat and topcoats – that’s equivalent to 10 coats of paint

Bring your door to life with one of Craftsman’s lifestyle colours. Inspired by nature and our rich heritage, each shade delivers a unique character to your home.


Be inspired by our latest colour palette and let your creativity run free. Our paint, however is not just all about looks. Every door leaves our workshop with two water based layers of colour, two of undercoat and a primer, each applied using the latest spray technology.


All four layers add up to the equivalent of an impressive 10 coats of paint. With such a hard-wearing finish, you will be enjoying it for many years to come.



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