Average Decibel Readings In The UK.

Acoustic Performance Windows


Noise or sound is measured in decibels and usually the scale often employed is dB(A)

A small rise of just 10 dB in sound level corresponds roughly to a doubling of loudness. Therefore a sound of 80 dB is twice as loud as a sound of 70 dB.

Distance plays an important part in the perceived sound level. Sound levels decrease by approximately 6 dB every time the distance from the source is doubled.

Noise levels of 35 to 40dB outside a dwelling is acceptable and a maximum of 45dB should be adhered to in order to prevent disturbance to residents

Sound levels inside a property will be approximately 10dB less than those outside, even when a window is open.

As demonstrated above with our simple illustration.

An installation from the Nottingham Window Company could reduce your sound levels by up to 37 decibels.  This significantly improves the sound quality within your home which in turn can improve your overall well being.